• Tyres @ Home are on call 6 Days a week, even on Saturday when most other operators are closed. Reliable & efficient service - to get your car back on the road as quickly and safely as possible Our experienced tyre teams are expertly trained, assuring you get the best repairs and service. No stress waiting for hours at a tyre shop, we will come to your home or workplace in the central Auckland area. Prices: We charge $49 to do a puncture repair plus our $99 call out fee. If we can't repair the tyre, then we will provide competitive prices on a replacement tyre.

    Got a flat or punctured tyre? We’re here to help!

    Welcome to tyres at home, an Auckland Central service facilitated by Eden Tyres and our small Van fleet – a kiwi owner operated business currently over 10 years in business. We take the hassle of changing your tyres at your place and in most cases have your car ready in under 90min.


    We take the trouble out of getting brand-new tyres. We bring your new tyres all fitted and balanced without you leaving the comfort of your own home, all costing no more than driving into a tyre store. Give us a call.

  • What tyres do you have?

    Please help us by checking your tyre size – this will ensure we price exactly.


    We would need your current tyre information, have a look on your tyres, record these 5 sets of numbers and we'll do the rest.

    Fitting “Tyres @ Home” and at your workplace

    (205) Section width of the tyre in mm

    Tyres @ Home – Auckland’s preferred at home service

    (55) Aspect Ratio / height of sidewall described as % of section width

    Tyres @ Home – Taking care of tyres at your home or work

    (R) & (17) 

    Radial ply construction.

    17 is Diameter of wheel rim in inches

    Tyres @ Home - taking the hassle out of tyre shopping

    (84) Maximum load capacity of tyre

    (V) Maximum speed capacity of tyre

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  • Your Complete Mobile Tyre Service

    Our team will come to you, remove the wheel and tyre, returning once all services have been applied.​ Generally 90min

    Auckland mobile tyre


    Low Cost & Premium Range

    We can supply & replace all leading brands and all sizes for passenger vehicles, 4WD's tyres 8 - 24. inch and light commercial vehicles.

    Mobile tyre service

    Tyre & Wheel Balancing

    Only Smooth Balanced Driving

    Your tyres are balanced before they are fitted to ensure comfortable driving performance.

    Mobile tire service

    Tyre Fitting

    Fitting the Old with the New

    We will return to your car,fit your tyres to your wheels and ensure your car is safe to drive.

    Tyres done at home

    Wheel Alignments

    Only Straight Wheels Last Longer

    We also do wheel alignments, which ensures your tyres wear evenly and maximises the life of the tyre. This done in house and would require us to take the car offsite.

    Flat tyre

    Mobile Puncture Repair

    Only Straight Wheels Last Longer

    We also do wheel alignments on site - in Mount Eden, which ensures your tyres wear evenly and maximises the life of the tyre.

    Home tyres

    Wheel Nut Removal

    Lost your locking nut?

    We can help! We have the right tools to remove the locking nut of your wheel



  • We work with all makes and models of vehicles

    We service all makes of Family Cars, Performance Cars, 4WD, Light Vans, Motorhomes and even light truck commercial vehicles. We have the tyre to suit your vehicle and your budget.

    Tyre call out

    We specialise in supplying and fitting tyres for your car and 4x4.

    We specialise in supplying and fitting tyres for your car and 4x4. Popular makes of car we service include:

  • Quality tyres from the most trusted brands.

    Delivered, installed and aligned wherever you are!

    Auckland tyre